Drophash in Python

A while back, I wrote a little utility in raw Win32 for getting the MD5 and SHA-1 hashes of a bunch of files dragged on to it. As a little 5-finger exercise for Python, I thought I'd do the same again.

Unfortunately, the standard distro only comes with Tk for its GUI set, and to get a cross-application drag and drop requires installing some extra TK DnD library, so if it needs to install something above and beyond Python 2.5 (that's the version I used, but it doesn't use any new language features), I might as well require something useful — so I require wxPython instead (and I used version

This one is neater than the Win32 version since I can use the nifty HTML window widget and place the results for each new batch of files in a table, with the files and hashes cross-indexed.

From this link, select "Open raw" from the "..." menu, and cut, paste and save the text as drophash.py, and save the linked icon file drophash.ico to the same folder, and double-click.

As an alternative, a pure Tk version. Not so fancy; you have to select the files you want (or put them on the command line).

Now for IronPython 1.1 — annoyingly the WebBrowser control doesn't accept normal DnD, nor does it let you paint it to a bitmap to blit on another control, so this one uses a ListView.

Jython next; but rather than coding the messy .ico to image transformation again, use a PNG icon instead.